Makin Money Moves with Mozie

Rising artist from Beloit, WI Mozie keeps moving even when the going gets tough, with music in his heart and money on his mind

Mozie has wound his way around the labyrinth of life, fighting through the shadowy corners, evading the monsters hidden in the maze and has emerged a stronger, wiser man with plenty of scars from the lessons learned. Born and raised in Beloit, WI, Mozie came into the world in 1990, and was up and moving quick. All about the diamonds from the time he was young, Mozie played baseball as a youth, slinging the ball around all four corners and sliding at the right time to get home safe. Mozie’s parents were incarcerated for much of his childhood, which left him to be raised by his loving grandma. Although she did everything she could, Mozie was a curious, wild child, and decided to leave school when he was in seventh grade. Baseball fell by the wayside as the funds for him to play simply weren’t there, although slinging around corners and sliding enough times to create a natural feel for it were skills that he continued to improve upon. Through it all, music kept Mozie going as he grinded through the late nights and days with minimal sleep. It didn’t take long though for the dreams of being a rapper were outpaced by the pull of the streets and getting caught up in everything that goes along with that life. Locked up a few times totaling three years from the time he dropped out to when he was 19, Mozie did six, from 2009-2015 and upon leaving, “it felt like a whole new world when I came home, shit was real different. The hardest thing wasn’t even really adapting, it was trying to come back and stay on trend with the music”. Mozie got out of a (need specific year) year sentence when his (cousin? Homie?) Wade was studying over his case and found a technicality that allowed Mozie to be a free man. Through it all, Mozie stayed learning from his situations, “One thing I learned from prison is that I definitely don’t want to go back”, and opened up his eyes to the need to be vigilant of those around him. While incarcerated, Mozie put the time to use by getting his HSED, or High School Equivalency Diploma, going a few steps above and beyond a traditional GED, an achievement that Mozie is damn proud of. His ability to learn and grow from any situation is something that allows Mozie to continue to succeed, and when he came home he turned that ability towards understanding how to make himself the best artist he can.

Mozie has been rapping for longer than he can remember, starting when he was thirteen or fourteen, back when he used to listed to Jay-Z and Jeezy (who Mozie firmly backs as the winner in the recent Verzuz battle versus Gucci Mane) who were hot on the scene in the early-mid 2000’s. He first got started just rapping with the homies, throwing around freestyles, bouncing off each other while a blunt bounced around the circle. It was never his main focus, but when he came home in 2015 Mozie knew that it was time to buckle down, put on his headphones, and get locked in in front of the mic. While he was out of the loop to a certain extent with the music while he was locked up, Drake was an artist that he kept up on. In fact, Drake is a big inspiration of his, “the ability of his to switch between styles and kill it anyway, especially in the UK drill style that he recently has”. Another rapper who Mozie has always fucked heavily with is Kevin Gates, the preacherman from Baton Rouge, whose music Mozie felt a deep connection to. He immediately got into the booth and got to work, mainly releasing singles, remaining locked in heavily, working his way around studios from Beloit to Chicago, until 2018 when he fell back for a little while. During this time period, Mozie dropped numerous videos, racking up over a thousand views on each one fairly quickly, with a few getting over ten thousand views. He loved every second of what came with grinding for the music, but those around him got somewhat disillusioned about the speed of his career. It can be hard to stay focused when the noises in the background overpower the important things to be listening to, and Mozie eventually decided that it was his best idea to fall back and take care of what he had to take care of.

 By the end of 2018 though, Mozie was back at it, dropping songs and putting together videos. He dropped a visual for his song, “Greenlight” which is sitting at a nice 17.1 thousand views on YouTube currently, his highest performer to date. He got tapped back into the scene around Beloit, and when he came into contact with Smiddy95 it was on. Mozie would still travel to hit studios, but for the most part he would work with Smiddy, and began to work on putting together his first full-length project. The process was a long one, involving a broken hand which threw off the timing for a while, but eventually it came together. Mozie is a freestyler for the most part, punching in and out as he builds his verses Not all of the songs on the album were brand new, some were brought out of the dozens that Mozie had stashed away just for this purpose. Part of his reasoning on building a bank of songs was to enable him to drop songs on a consistent basis, and put together projects with them once he got the ball seriously rolling. Part of getting the ball seriously rolling was Smiddy putting Mozie out there and was the one created the connection that put the words into this article. It was on December 2nd 2020 that Mozie dropped Sea King Drill, and quickly ran up the number on the videos, working with FlyGuy Films to create visuals for a few songs off the album already, with “Stick on Me” already amassing over five thousand views in just a few months. The project is drill-leaning, with Mozie having found a sound that he really fucks with, and “It isn’t like I’m forcing it or nothing like that, if you look back at my older vides I didn’t used to come like that but when I found that flow I knew I was gonna stick with it”. This is where Drake’s influence played it’s biggest role, as the tracks that Drake had with Headie One were among some of the first that Mozie heard where the UK drill flow stuck with him. It didn’t hurt to have several beats on the album from UK aficionado Traffic Willis, allowing Mozie to really flesh out the flow on his own and he definitely brought drill to Beloit in a heavy way.

Mozie has without a doubt lived a life filled with ups and downs, but his life is now dedicated to music and his family. He has a daughter on the way, and is planning on naming her Seven after the number of completion. His son is twelve, and has been playing football seriously, with Mozie cheering on from the sidelines every single step of the way. While they might not share the same sport, they are both heavy gamers, running up their respective KD’s while doing some bonding. For Mozie, ensuring that he gets his sound out there and leaving a mark is for much more than his own ego. Beyond being for his kids to know who their dad was, Mozie does it for his grandma who he wants more than anything to be able to call and tell that she never has to work again. With the release of Sea King Drill, Mozie certainly took another large step forward in his journey. If his dedication to the game and the passion behind his delivery is any indicator, Mozie is sure to end up being able to make that call one day soon.

Jake Zinda

24 years old, from Wisconsin Hip-Hop Journalist @CMAG N.S.C.T.D.

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