Ready, Set, Mark Ya Calendars!

Atlanta rapper D. Tigg$ is back with a new project, ‘D’v!be’, and before it drops I sat down and got a few words on the process behind the making of his first official album

Atlanta rapper D.Tigg$ has been burning the midnight oil all year while he has been creating and curating his upcoming release, D’v!be. By the beginning of October, D. Tigg$ had amassed 93 complete songs from which he had to choose from for the album. Tigg$ plan is to drop before the end of the year, one which has found him going hard in the studio day in and day out while making moves outside of it. After dropping two official projects in 2020, The Lost Waves-EP and Just Relax a Little-EP, along with a joint project with Tana Man, Goat Talk Vol. 1, D. Tigg$ was ready to dive headfirst into the creation of his first full-length project. While the project with Tana Man showcased a more traditional vibe from D. Tigg$, he was hungry to continue the artistic exploration present on The Lost Waves and Just Relax a Little EP’s. “I don’t want anyone to put me in a box,”, Tigg$ explained when I got him on the phone, “I wanted to create a project that showcases myself as an artist, and then a rapper.”.

Officially clocking in at 10 tracks long, D’v!be features production from numerous engineers including Drumz&Rosez and Gibbo.  Traversing an assortment of vibes both high and low as the project goes along, “The name came from my desire to show that I’m multidimensional, an artist not just a rapper,”, said Tigg$, “These are a bunch of different vibes I felt comfortable delivering lyrics over.”. It is the most complete piece of work that D. Tigg$ feels he has assembled at this point, thanks in a large way to the support that he has from those closest to him, first and foremost his wife. “No one hears shit unless she does,” Tigg$ told me while laughing, “I feel like I’ve been living in a song and I want this forever.”. The project features appearances from Tana Man, KL Noel, Kryshad Ishmael, Bam Trell and last but certainly not least, Sharrod Sloans. Echoes of doubt ringing in his ears have fueled D. Tigg$ throughout his journey, but after this release, he may have to find an alternative fuel, or at least dig deeper for that doubt. “Ready For War” featuring Sharrod Sloans is one of the tracks currently available for listening and viewing, but make sure to give the rest of his projects a listen before D’v!be drops to familiarize yourself with D. Tigg$ artistic stylings.

Jake Zinda

24 years old, from Wisconsin Hip-Hop Journalist @CMAG N.S.C.T.D.

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