Khing Ceaze Is On The Move

Last week I was able to catch up with the homie, Khing Ceaze, and talk about his new management, upcoming releases, and how his life’s been moving outside of music

Jake (J): What’s been poppin for ya lately?

Khing Ceaze (KC): I’ve been quiet for a while now, life got a little chaotic for me. I needed some time to recoup and really just live life a little bit. I’ve been in between Miami and Atlanta the past couple months, really just looking for and finding new inspirations.

J: What’s the plan for music drops in the coming months? 

KC: Being under new management, shout out to Gravity One Media, along with my manager Fully The Mixer., We really wanna make this year the best year to date. I’m always recording, always writing and perfecting my craft. We believe timing is key when it comes to drops. I had been dropping projects, and not getting the results I anticipated. This year the team agrees that we need to drop in an industry fashion, making sure we got everything covered from audio quality to marketing and promotion budgets. I got new heat on the way though I guarantee that one.

J: Speaking of Gravity One, what’s going on there? 

KC: Man, it’s beautiful. Like I said before, I’m officially signed with Gravity One. Me and Fully The Mixer had been in contact since 2014, you know through socials and stuff. Late last year he gave me a call to inform me he had a roster spot available, and wanted to work with me. It feels good to have somebody I can turn to for decisions and business moves, plus he’s been in the game for some years so the contacts and network are something serious. I recently got to link with Jayy Fox of QC and Atlanta Rapper Grimm Reaper. Shout out to the homies.

J: You’ve been grinding on the all around game, what’s been going on outside of putting in the work in the studio?  

KC: I’ve mainly been focused on the camera work man. Just finished a music video for the homie Klassik Musik out of Miami. That camera is a gateway. I’ve met some amazing artists as well as models and promoters through photo and video gigs. It’s an amazing tool.

J: How has putting yourself off the map been going? 

KC: Bro the independent grind is something like a beautiful nightmare. That’s the best thing I can call it. This business is a tank of sharks and they all chase the same goals. That’s getting rich. You see the bright side and the dark side. The early mornings, the late nights. All that. But in the end you learn how this game goes and therefore are better qualified when the big leaguers give you that call.

J: Any specific collabs you wanna get in this year?

KC: Honestly not at the moment. Future collabs, i would love to work with Jayy Fox, he a cool dude who takes passion in his art. Anybody that knows me knows a Kevin Gates fan. Collab is coming as soon as the opportunity presents itself. But I’m mainly focused on establishing myself as an artist as well as my BRMG Brand.

J: Anyone ya been working with or around that you think is gonna get some buzz going this year? 

KC: Honestly again, Jayy Foxx. He signed to Quality Control, and I feel like this is his year to get his moment and capitalize. He has great music and an amazing work ethic. That’s my G and he definitely talking his shit in his new music.

J: Any new vibes that you’re seeing coming around that are gonna be big this year? What vibes are you feeling for this year?

KC: The stoner vibe is always in motion, but I’m seeing more people into spirituality and understanding they don’t have to act or dress a certain way to practice their preferred practice. If you listen to the music now, there are so many references to mindfulness and manifestations. It’s beautiful. The world is finally becoming comfortable in their own skin and power.

J: How’ve you been pushing yourself to keep putting one foot after the other? 

KC: Just staying persistent and learning. There is never a cap on what we can know about this business. As technology advances, our industry grows and expands. I’m getting into NFTs this year as well. Just finding ways to stay up to date with what’s new in the world as well as the digital world. I have my days where life is beautiful, sunshine and good vibes, but I also have those darker days where it just seems like nothing is moving. A nod to my management team who keeps me going with constant motivation and focus reminders. As for what I do to keep from losing it, smoke a good tree, play xbox and just live life understanding this is all we get, go experience it anyway you desire and find the pleasures you seek, all the while maintaining the basics to secure continuity. 

Jake Zinda

24 years old, from Wisconsin Hip-Hop Journalist @CMAG N.S.C.T.D.

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